SFC Jorge Avalos – Parachuting Accident Paralysis & Recovery – Triathlete

As the former SVP Sales & Marketing for one of the largest global cycling brands, I decided to inspire our teams of employees, customers, and vendors by sharing stories that show the power and influence of a bicycle on people’s lives. I felt it was important to remind our people of this as we went about our daily grind. I had no idea that I’d end up with a friend and being able to share one of the most inspiring stories I have been witness to. This is about an individual who has sacrificed for his country through his service in the military, rebounded against the odds from a potential life ending parachuting accident; then rebounded again from an unbelievable accident during his recovery. This is a guy who embodies, “Never Quit”, has been pushed the the limit of quitting multiple times and never gave in. I made this video and shared it with my team and I invite you to enjoy this. I’d love to see Jorge join one of your podcasts and be able to share his story with your audience; it’s powerful We produced this video to show at our meeting. After presenting his video, I brought him on stage to a standing ovation and an endless amount of interaction with the audience. Everyone wanted to get to know this guy! In all the years I have given openig speeches, this is the only one that still gets talked about.
This was several years ago and I’m sharing now as I only recently found your podcast. Great job guy and thank you for you consideration; Jorge Avalos embodies Never Quit as I’m sure you’ll soon see.

Author: Dave