Daily Battles

Like everyone else, first I would like to say thank you to both Marcus and Morgan for your service. It is because of men and women like you that we can enjoy the wonderful freedoms we have. I hoped to join the Navy and become a SEAL myself but due to medical reasons, I could not. I am now on my way to finishing school to become a Texas Game Warden. My “Never Quit” story is not just one particular instance, but a daily fight for the will to live.

I would say, however, the battles started back in kindergarten when I experienced personal trauma simply inflicted by the words of a classmate that caused severe separation anxiety and other mental issues. I began having the same recurring nightmare every night for years and sometimes I still have that same nightmare to this day at 24 years old. I had to get out of school and go to therapy for the rest of that year and now and then for some years later. From there on out, I have struggled mentally and at times, wanted to end it all. While I have not endured the many or more severe challenges and struggles that others have, this was a major issue for me and to this day it still has some effect. This one instance and the daily battles have made me who I am today. Thanks to God, family, friends, and you guys at TNQ, I continue to wake up and fight this daily battle. Some days are good, and some days are not. It all becomes a fight for your own life and happiness and how bad you want to see the next day.

Thank you Marcus and Morgan once again for your service and for using your platform to encourage others. Continue the fight and Never Quit.

Author: Randal