D.A. Michaels

Navy Veteran, Retired Law Enforcement Officer, Author of Courageously Broken

This week’s episode brings you the incredible, first-hand account from Donna Michaels, a US Navy veteran turned police officer – all the while suffering horrifically from depression, nightmares, and PTSD, yet embracing every day of her life with passion and courage. Donna went from victim to solution – she’s now on a relentless mission to stop PTSD suicides.

She also authored the book, Courageously Broken – her journey to hell and back. 
Donna has quite a story to tell, including the candid memoirs of her military life, her association with Navy SEALS, becoming a cop, the dark years of her life, and her unbelievable recovery.
In this episode you will hear:

  • My career didn’t pan out anything like I thought it would as a teenager.
  • The last thing I ever thought I’d be is a cop. I didn’t even like cops.
  • In the Navy, I wanted to go where the action was.
  • It was tough, but I volunteered for this shit, and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna walk away from it as a quitter.
  • Women are equally different.
  • The teams (Navy SEALS} are elite for a reason.
  • I love the idea of helping people.
  • In law enforcement, I could be part of the greater good.
  • I won’t be a bitch, unless someone really, really forces me to be one.
  • I made up my mind that I was either gonna get my shit together or put myself out of my pain.
  • The suicide rate among veterans and first responders is a lot higher than people realize.
  • I want to let those who’ve been through hell understand that there are options for them. They just need to know where to look.
  • Once you hit rock bottom, you’ve got nowhere to go but up.
  • Everybody goes through some traumatic event in their life.
  • I want to teach others that there’s hope. Otherwise, I went through all this shit for nothing.
  • I want to be known for inspiring someone to get the help they needed.
  • Never quit.

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