Love for Down Syndrome Child

Good evening gents,

My name is Chris, I’m from Naples Florida. This isn’t some miraculous story or anything, but I wanted to share with you somethinf your podcast has given me.

I have a 2 year old son with Down Syndrome. His name is Christian. Before he was born the doctors and specialist told us our son was going to have XYZ problems and never have a fulfilling life. They asked us on a weekly basis if we wanted to terminate the pregnancy.
We were so scared for our little one. But we never lost faith.

Today, my son is healthy, with no medical issues, like the doctors said he would have. He hit all the milestone of a normal baby, minus walking, which he’ll do at his own pace.

I’ve been a stay at home father for the past two years. (Which is a hell of a lot harder than our wives make it look). Last year I discovered TNQ podcast at a very trying time in life. The stories that you all and your guests share are so empowering and motivating that it has honestly made me a better father and person. I look up to you all so much, and I appreciate all you do and stand for.

My son was given a gift. Down syndrome has its struggles, but there is nothing in the world like what I’ve learned from it. He will spread his love to everyone he sees, because his smile lights ups a room like no other.

Tomorrow my son starts his first day of daycare for early learning dural, and I return to school to finish my degree. So in honor of Marcus and everyone at TNQ, I got my boy a Spiderman lunchbox, and when he’s older I’ll explain it all to him.

Thanks again,
Chris Harris