Chris Duffin

Guiness World Record Holder in Powerlifting, Author of The Eagle and the Dragon, Co-Owner of Kabuki Strength Lab, Mad Scientist of Strength

In this week’s episode, you will hear the almost unbelievable life story of Chris Duffin, Guinness World Record holder of a three-rep, 1,000-pound deadlift, and rated #1 in the world for 8 consecutive years. Chris tells his crazy life story – from being raised “off the grid” surrounded by drug running, murderers, serial killers, and human trafficking, to over-achieving with a dual engineering degree, working in aerospace, automotive, and hi-tech industries, and then becoming a mega-successful entrepreneur with four companies in his portfolio.

While there is not one major event in Chris’ life, it’s because his whole life is a never quit story – a lifestyle of pursuit, perseverance, and grit.

In this episode you will hear:

  • Challenges and obstacles are not necessarily a bad thing.
  • Find the thing that makes your gut twist up with excitement.
  • Create your own identity. Purpose to reinvent yourself.
  • The only thing holding you back is yourself.
  • You decide what you’re going to do with your life.
  • Your past doesn’t create you.
  • When something major happens, you’ve got to be emotionally, mentally and physically prepared for it.
  • Life’s gonna come at you – so be ready to face your fears.
  • Comfort is the devil.
  • Unless you’re testing yourself, you have no idea who you are.
  • Never do nothing.
  • Be true to your morals; be true to yourself.
  • Seek chaos. Seek the struggles. It’s what helps you adapt to anything.
  • The ability to take on challenging events in your life and become a stronger and better person – that is truly living.
  • Live to your potential. Discover yourself.
  • It probably takes 500 chickens to kill an elephant.
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