Chief Joe Yeakley

Mine would be about my Fire Chief Joe Yeakley. He was working a normal house fire, went in the garage to make sure no one was in it. The roof collapsed and fell on him. While on fire. He was completely covered with burning rafters and debris. BUT HE NEVER QUIT CRAWLING to what he thought was a window, . He ended up passing out from shock of the pain and some guys outside saw him thru that window. (All they could see was his hand) he was burnt on over 80% of his body, in the hospital for almost a year and now he’s the Chief of the Lindale fire department! When I met him I was just starting with the department. His hands are gone and scars all over but his attitude is impeccable! You’d never know he was burned! He can still out work a lot of the young men! He’s a true leader and prime example of not letting you circumstances affect your life in a negative manner! He’s a true Never Quit person! I’d love to tell you guys more over the phone and be more descriptive thru email and I think he’d be the perfect guy to have on y’alls podcast!!! Thanks again!!!

Author: Jake