Charlie Daniels

Country Music Hall of Famer, Southern Rock Icon, and American Patriot

Get ready for the most exciting new show available for download, as the Team Never Quit Podcast welcomes Country Music Hall of Fame inductee, southern rock icon, and American patriot, Charlie Daniels. Mr. Never Quit himself, Marcus Luttrell, and captain positive, David Rutherford, bring the country music legend on board to share his greatest never quit story with their listeners. For 60 years Charlie has been playing his heart out to millions of people around the world. Tune in as he, Marcus, and David, explore what it takes to succeed in the cut-throat entertainment industry.

In this fifth episode of the TNQ Podcast our Frogmen, along with the music icon Mr. Daniels, dig into the never quit mindset and what it took to cultivate millions of fans, invent a music genre, and build an incredible team that delivers a great fan experience night after night over one hundred times a year. Listen to his inspiring story of coming to Nashville, playing every juke joint and dive bar across the country, and winning a Grammy for his classic song “Devil Went Down to Georgia”. Get fired up as Charlie talks about his love of America and his respect for all veterans who’ve served this great nation. Although Charlie is turning eighty this year, he shows no signs of slowing down, and we promise that you’ll laugh your heart out as Marcus and Charlie swap southern sayings, or who’s granddaddy told the best one liners ever.

It’s the TNQ Podcast’s mission to inspire and teach you how to begin living with the “Never Quit” mindset. Marcus, David, and their guests, are committed to bringing you the most authentic and motivating content available for download. 

Great Stories Ignite Legends!

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