Carly Fiorina

US Presidential candidate - CEO of Hewlett Packard - Cancer survivor

This week the TNQ Podcast has the privilege to sit down with one of America’s most accomplished and impressive businesswomen, Carly Fiorina. It’s an episode packed with fascinating insights into overcoming fear, the strength of women, and leadership. Listen as former Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, and this week’s returning guest-host, Clint Bruce, kick-off the interview discussing how Carly’s first major client at AT&T and a strip club, became one of Carly’s many powerful #NeverQuit stories, before digging deep into her formidable Never Quit mindset. Everyone is going to take away inspiration and insight from Carly’s words, but her track record as a woman who has continually broken through the “glass ceiling” is what makes this interview particularly powerful for everyone tuning in. From her rise up the ladder at AT&T, to becoming CEO of Hewlett Packard, the loss of her daughter, and overcoming cancer, not to mention her battles in the political realm as candidate for President of the United States and US Senate, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Carly’s candor and down-to-earth honesty make this episode truly amazing. She talks at length about how her struggle against fear was as massive as it was formative in her rise to the top of the American business world. Additionally, this show is exceptional because it’s packed with practical advice you can start applying today. From Carly’s leadership wisdom of placing primary importance on seeing the potential in others, to how critical it is in life to determine your personal gifts, get a pen and paper ready because you’ll be wanting to take notes. Once again this week, the TNQ Podcast team, along with Carly Fiorina, deliver on their mission to bring you some of the world’s most inspiring and impactful #NeverQuit stories. Help spread the word by sharing the show with friends and family. Great Stories Ignite Legends

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