Cameron Hanes

Master bowhunter and his extreme reinvention of an ancient pursuit by combining it with outdoor endurance sports

The Team Never Quit Podcast is proud to welcome America’s greatest extreme bowhunter and Under Armour’s longest sponsored athlete, Cameron Hanes, to the show. Mr. Never Quit himself, Marcus Luttrell, and Captain Positive, David “Rut” Rutherford bring Cam to this week’s episode of the TNQ Podcast in order for him to tell his greatest Never Quit story. Cam digs into what fueled the drive to develop his revolutionary approach to integrating athletics into bowhunting, what it’s like to beat Lance Armstrong, and his top goal of being the ultimate father. What drives a man to walk miles and miles into the bush, stalk North America’s largest game animals for days, silently approach to within fifty yards for the kill, then pack the entire animal all the way back to camp? Cam describes it in detail for us in this engaging episode. In face, Cam takes you one step farther and explains his philosophy on living a lifestyle long forgotten in our society. His authenticity is inspiring and will no doubt leave you wanting to explore your own primal side. It’s the mission of the Team Never Quit Podcast to bring you the greatest stories of perseverance, grit and determination. Marcus and Rut are committed to helping you discover the mindset that will ultimately inspire your own greatest Never Quit story. We are thankful that Cameron Hanes joined us this week in once again achieving our mission. Also, don’t forget to tune into the After Actions Report where Cam gets into the nitty gritty of the tactics he employs each and every day to drive toward success. Remember, if you feel inspired by this show, or any other TNQ podcast, please share your own greatest Never Quit story with us on the site. It’s possible your submission could wind up on the show being read and discussed by Marcus and David. Great Stories Ignite Legends!

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