Bryan Offutt

Former Vice President of Global Brand Marketing for Under Armour Outdoor, Co-Founder of E3 Ranch

Today, Bryan Offutt joins us on the show to talk about his incredible 16 years at Under Armour, where he played a key role in their product line development and marketing strategies, eventually rocketing Under Armour from a 5 million to a 5 billion dollar international clothing line powerhouse.

Bryan started in the warehouse and worked his way up to becoming the face of the Under Armour brand, and eventually lead the Military/Tactical Category through forging impactful relationships with US Special Forces, and founding the company’s philanthropic military initiative, UA Freedom.

Under Bryan’s leadership, Under Armour was named the #1 “most admired brand” amongst hunters, anglers and shooting sportsmen.

In this episode you will hear:

  • Sometimes seemingly great ideas turn out to be full speed mistakes.
  • Relationships are the keys to a successful business. Handshake deals are a big deal.
  • Don’t change your model to accommodate someone else’s.
  • Stay focused and true to who you are.
  • Our biggest obstacle and challenge is probably ourselves.
  • If you could be around people that are just good people, it’s the winning scenario.
  • It takes questions like “What works?” “What doesn’t work?” “What can we get you?” “How can we help?” to a potential client to develop a great relationship.
  • If I can take an original product and apply it to another industry or consumer, the business benefit can be incredible.
  • When your competitor wants to take you out, use that as fuel to press on.
  • Create a niche that hasn’t existed.
  • You’re not going to be all things to everybody.
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