Brian Kilmeade

Host of Fox and Friends and The Brian Kilmeade Show, 5X New York Times Best Selling Author, Father

We have an inspiring guest in this week’s Team Never Quit podcast. Brian Kilmeade shares his motivating views about reaching your personal potential, despite apparent failures along the way. Brian is a television and radio presenter and political commentator for Fox News. On weekdays, he co-hosts Fox’s morning show, Fox & Friends, and he also hosts the Fox News Radio program The Brian Kilmeade Show. He has authored or co-authored non-fiction and fiction books, and is a New York Times Best-Selling Author. Brian is also a father of three.
His attitude related to pursuing a dream, making things happen for a better life, and his love for this country is refreshing.

In this episode you will hear:

• Coming out of college, I just wanted to talk sports and news.

• I played soccer through college. I wanted to be great, but I wasn’t.

• If you fire me or don’t hire me, that’s your choice, but I’m not gonna quit.

• It’s our job to reach our potential – whatever it is.

• If things don’t work out, you can’t blame people.

• Newscasters pretend they didn’t put an oar in the water or tell you who to vote for, but by a look – by the way they give one side more power that the other. When you think you’ve heard a straight newscast – no you didn’t.

• If you are for an open border, you don’t care about the country. If you destroyed the oil and gas business, you don’t care about the country. If you’re gonna stand down the Army to talk about white supremacy, you don’t care about the country.

• If you want to see an example of overcoming obstacles, pick up Andrew Jackson’s book. He was orphaned and he was raised by his town, his county & his country, yet he became a 2 term President.

• Don’t get caught up in results. If you fail, your success is just delayed.

• The only time you fail is when you quit.

• The most rewarding thing to me is helping other people.

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