Brendan McDonough & Clint Bruce

The only surviving hotshot of the Yarnell Mt. wildfire tragedy, along with his Navy SEAL Mentor

The Team Never Quit Podcast is proud to present one of it’s most powerful shows yet. How often do two ‘Lone Survivors’ get an opportunity to share their greatest Never Quit stories in order to help the masses? Marcus Luttrell and David Rutherford welcome Brendan McDonough to the show, who is the only surviving member of the 2013 wildfire that claimed the lives of his nineteen brothers, known as the Granite Mountain Hotshots. Brendan tells his Never Quit story and what it takes to be the lone survivor of such a huge tragedy. Listen to Brendan describe his incredible journey from heroine addict to Hotshot, and then lone survivor fighting to overcome the pain and guilt.

Marcus and Rut are also excited to welcome Carry The Load founding member, and fellow Navy SEAL, Clint Bruce to the show. Clint’s mentorship has been integral in helping Brendan work through his grief in order to carry his teammate’s legacy into the future.

This show will leave you speechless. It will also inspire you to have faith in yourself and your team. Brendan and Clint describe their epic journey together and the discovery of how the worst day in someone’s life can ultimately lead to the most momentous positive impact. Marcus and Brendan also share some powerful moments together, as only two survivors of such incredibly unique and tragic events can do. The TNQ Podcast once again delivers it’s powerful message of hope and motivation.

Additionally, if you have an amazing Never Quit story, please submit it on the site. Marcus and David will review it and possibly share it on the air, or even decide to invite you on the show to join them.

Great stories ignite legends.

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