Bonnie Jill Laflin

First female scout in the NBA, Model, USO supporter, and animal rights activist

This week Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell and David Rutherford, welcome Bonnie Jill Laflin to the Team Never Quit Podcast. Bonnie Jill was the first female scout in the NBA, a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, model, animal rights activist, and has been very involved supporting our service members though the USO. Tune in as Bonnie Jill tells her greatest Never Quit story and what it’s like proving yourself in a male dominated industry.

Bonnie Jill Laflin is truly a modern renaissance woman. She constantly redefines herself while always staying true to who she is and where she comes from. As the daughter of a law enforcement officer, she’s passionate about being a patriot and has made eighteen trips downrange to visit troops during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. She also spends countless hours in support of animal rights, including founding her Hounds and Heros organization. Bonnie Jill has made her mark on the field, in front of the cameras and in winning the hearts and minds of all those who follow her.

Yet again, the TNQ Podcast delivers on its promise to provide motivational content that teaches people how to follow their dreams, overcome adversity, and find true purpose in life. We would also appreciate it if you help spread the word by telling a friend about the show, and help Marcus and Rut accomplish their new mission in life, which is to teach people around the world to discover the Never Quit mindset. Also, remember that if you’re inspired by our show please write in and share with us your greatest Never Quit story here.

Great stories ignite legends.

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