Battling brain surgery was just the beginning

I’d like to introduce you to a special kid, Nick Price. Nick isn’t special just because he beat his rare form of cancer. He is special truly because he never quits. As a 16 year old, he was diagnosed with a pontine glioma brain tumor. One that most doctors said was inoperable. Nick was an avid soccer player and potentially looking at college scholarships for soccer. The type of brain tumor that he had would take his sight, his motor skills and eventually his life. Instead of accepting that outcome, his family decided to look everywhere for a doctor who would be willing to perform surgery and remove his tumor. Nick gets his “never quit” attitude from his Mom, Marie, who searched all over the US for a doctor to help her son. No wasn’t an answer that she would accept. She finally found a doctor at the Barrow Neurological in Phoenix. The surgeons were able to remove the tumor safely and Nick was kicking a soccer ball down the hospital halls within days of his brain surgery and was even back on the field within 3 weeks. This part of his story is amazing but it doesn’t end there. During the process of finding a doctor, his family and friends rallied around him raising money to help the family with expenses of the surgery and the travel to Arizona. It was this help and support that sparked the idea for Nick to continue to help other people who are battling brain tumors and cancers. Nick wanted to pay it forward and so he created the Nick Price Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps both children and adults diagnosed with brain tumors and cancer. But again, the story doesn’t end there. Remember that Nick was only 16 years old when he decided to create a non-profit foundation.
This past summer, Nick and his Mom traveled to Duke University where he became the youngest student to complete the 8 week non-profit management course in order to learn how to make his foundation better and successful. While the other kids where enjoying their summer break, Nick spent his summer learning how his foundation could grow to help more people.
In April 2017, Nick was awarded the Jefferson Award for his community service and just one year later, he learned that he will be advancing to the National finals for the Jefferson Award in Washington, DC.
In Dec 2017, Nick was selected to try out for the US Paralympic National Soccer Team just 2 years after brain surgery. His unique brain tumor qualified him and he was chosen to fly to California to practice and try out for the team.
If you look at the Nick Price Foundation Facebook page, you will see all the children and families that his organization has helped. I had the opportunity while visiting the Price family to go on one of their family visits at the Medical University of South Carolina. Nick met with the family and listened to their story offering advice in dealing with the doctors and encourages the family to not give up even when the doctors say there is no hope. He tells them to keep fighting, and if one doctor says no, then find a doctor who will say yes. Before he leaves, he writes the family a check from his foundation. Quite a way to spend a Saturday morning.
Nick’s story of recovery and healing from his brain tumor is a true example of never quitting but I believe that’s where is story really begins. It’s from this never quit example that he has chosen to live the “Never Quit” life – to continue to help as many people as he can. Quite an achievement by the age of 18. I can’t wait to see how many lives Nick has impacted 20 years from now. I believe it’s an amazing story that should be shared to motivate others to fight their battles and when they win, give them an example of how to pay it forward and help others.

Author: Cindy