Anthony Milton & Michael-David Reilly

CEO of Tilted Concepts & Director of Marketing of Tilted Concepts

In this week’s episode, we’ll hear from 2 bad-ass entrepreneurs who are driven, creative, and successful. Anthony Milton (CEO of Tilted Concepts) & Michael-David Reilly (Director of Marketing) are a powerhouse team of business concepts plus superior marketing techniques. Together, they have made their business ventures – Tune-Up (The Manly Salon), Balanced Foods, and Martinis & Manicures “take off like a rocket ship.” Listen in to hear these guys bring their stories and personal thoughts on successful thinking, and a pursuit of excellence.

In this episode you will hear:

• I don’t have a never-quit story – it’s been my entire life. [13:31]
• Every time I’d hit something, it would just go to shit. [13:36]
• How fast, how far was up to me. [14:56]
• How do you ride 100 miles on your bike? I just decide to. It’s one pedal stroke after another. [17:13]
• Everything is a choice. [17:34]
• I used to be completely paralyzed by fear. [18:54]
• You’re in this position because you either made a series of bad decisions that led you here, or you just didn’t react correctly. Fix your shit. [23:09]
• The idea of merging a bar and a barbershop all in one. It took off like a rocket ship. [39:25]
• We now have 56 stores in 5 states. [40:48]
• Where people get bogged down in their ability to pursue their dreams – is the unknown. [51:45]
• Our franchisees have a support system to help them be successful. [70:09]
• Most people let their day dictate how they feel and what they do. [86:55]
• Our greatest commodity is our focus. [87:06]
• Before I go to bed, I write down 5 non-negotiables that I will complete the next day. [88:22]
• Pressure is a privilege. [89:39]

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