Andre Agassi

One the greatest athletes in sports history - Businessman - Philanthropist

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In one of their best shows yet, Marcus Luttrell and David ‘Rut’ Rutherford slam the door shut on 2016 by welcoming one of the greatest athletes in history. Eight time Grand Slam champion, Olympic Gold Medalist, and former number one player in the world, Andre Agassi, unleashes one of the most powerful Never Quit stories told on the TNQ Podcast. Andre bears all to listeners as he shares profound insight on being trapped in the expectations of others, the intoxicating allure of rebellion, and how he discovered true purpose to climb out of the ashes. Andre’s passion for helping under privileged kids succeed is unmatched and wonderfully motivating.

Andre Agassi is considered by many to be one of the greatest professional tennis players ever. His explosive attitude on and off the court mesmerized us all in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Prepare to be deeply enlightened as he explains where his angst came from and how it destroyed his career. Agassi and the TNQ Podcast team dig deep into the power of purpose and what he used to turn his whole life around to lead him to become the number one player in the world again when most pundits believed his career was over. This show will leave you speechless. 

Marcus and Rut have once again delivered on their mission to provide you with the very best insight on the human condition possible. They deliver a message of hope and determination that will give you perspective on this past year and begin preparing you for 2017. Learn to face adversity and overcome obstacles with the help of Andre, Marcus and Rut. Also, if you have, or know someone, with a Never Quit story, please share it here on the site. Happy New Year.

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