Amberley Snyder

Paralyzed professional rodeo rider - Motivational speaker

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It’s been seven years since Amberley Snyder, a junior rodeo world champion, had her life changed instantaneously in a vehicle accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down. What’s remarkable is that since then, she’s not only earned her a bachelor’s and master’s degree, and become a motivational speaker, but has incredibly returned to rodeo, and today is a highly competitive professional barrel racer. Join former Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, and his twin brother guest-host, Morgan, while they sit down with Amberley as she details her fascinating story, and learn some powerful insights into harnessing the #NeverQuit mindset. This episode is not only inspiring, but Amberley also brings a positivity with her that is infectious. You’re going to find out why her first time back in the saddle, where she’d have to buckle herself on and strap her lifeless legs down, was a traumatic experience, and soon after she would avoid horses completely. You’ll also hear of the life changing moment when she began to accept her circumstances, and launch herself down a new path that was more rich and rewarding than she ever could’ve imagined. What makes this week’s episode so powerful and unique are how the unexpected commonalities shared between Marcus, Morgan, and Amberley create such a fascinating discussion. All three were/are paralyzed due to spinal injury at some point in life. All were raised around horses. Last but not least, Morgan is currently finishing his doctorate of neuroscience, and delivers some deep insight into nerve regeneration, spinal injury treatment, as well as, prognoses for the future. Once again this week, the TNQ Podcast team, along with Amberley Snyder, deliver on their mission to bring you some of the world’s most inspiring and impactful #NeverQuit stories. Please do us, and those around you, a favor by spreading the word, and share this episode with friends and family. “Great Stories Ignite Legends”

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