Aaron & Darielle Singerman

Founder & First Lady of REDCON1

Now here’s a guy who’s not hesitant to speak speaking openly about his dark years – his addiction to heroin, then make a dramatic switch from heroin addict to successful businessman. In this week’s TNQ episode, Aaron Singerman shares the unlikely story of his life, his troubles, and eventually his accomplishments, and the importance of empathy for others going through difficult situations.
Aaron and his wife, Darielle are the founders of Redcon1, the fastest growing sports supplement brand in history, positively changing people’s lives, and took their company from 5 to over 150 employees.
They also founded the Redcon1 Foundation, making a positive impact on families of the Unites States Military heroes.
In this episode you will hear:
  •  My life has not been easy, but it shaped me.
  •  The mistakes I made are all my own.
  • If I had joined the military, I probably would’ve been kicked out because I wouldn’t have been able to take orders.
  • Darielle: Boarding school was a great thing for me.
  • I was a Heroin and cocaine intravenous addict.
  • 98% of intravenous heroin users never come out of it.
  • It was easy to get OxyCon because doctors were getting incentives to prescribe it, and I became addicted to it,
  • Sometimes the best thing in business is to simply walk away.
  • I had parents that told me they loved me.
  • Redcon1 has always been purpose-driven – especially serving the military.
  • I spent every ounce of effort and time I had into writing articles for fitness magazines for free.
  • The drive to believe in yourself is very unique.
  • It’s not about the goal as much as it is enjoying the journey & getting to the next level.
  • People focus too often on the negative. They look at the door that was closed and feel sad about that, versus looking for the next open door.
  • Embrace humility.

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