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He Shoots… He Scores!

The very first thing I want to say is, THANK YOU! Team Never Quit & Froglogic have carried me through hell, and enabled me to …(Read More)

The Strength of a Sailor

Hello Gentlemen I’ve written into your show before and it was titled “ man of the House “, And I couldn’t help but want to …(Read More)


Gentlemen, might I say it is an honor to have discovered this podcast. I would like to thank all of you for the incredible things …(Read More)

A Struggling Man who NEVER QUIT

This is not my story but the story of a man who embodies the Team Never Quit Mindset. I was told of the story the other day by our run group leader and found the article today… Its exactly the stories you guys speak of and then the very last line of the story and his quote says it all.

I hope you enjoy it and know the good you are bringing to so many peoples lives
Thank you


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