5.5 months of Abuse/Learning to Never Quit

It was my junior year of high school and was staying with my dad because my parents are divorced and when classes were online my dad became more abusive then usual turning off hot water so every shower was cold had to wear only shirt shorts shoes outside in the snow.

I told him something about my brother and swung at me and locked myself in my room and I was thinking if I’m going to survive this abuse and graduate I just had to not quit no matter how hard the hit he threw or how cold of the water. I had to use for showering and how uncomfortable I was. I needed to adjust to becoming comfortable in an uncomfortable situation and just after each hit I got to get back up and if I’m thinking of going to college and wanting to be a TACP.

Team Never Quit literally saved my life and the abuse that I endured changed my thoughts on school and now senior year of high school I’ve switched my life around it was the most emotional, physical, emotional abuse I’ve taken in that 5.5 months. Thank you Team Never Quit for helping me and many others with their Never Quit stories.

Author: Jack