4 time failure at becoming a Naval Officer, but I’m refusing to quit!

Currently I am undergoing my fifth attempt at becoming a Navy SEAL officer. After three lackluster tries out of high school I decided to finish college and get my shit together. My junior year I finally started putting together an official OCS package to do Navy Special Warfare, SEAL Program. I trained my ass off and went to so many PSTs and trained with a bunch of great guys with the same goal. They all made their contracts and moved on and I submitted to the Officer review board. I was not selected. This being a life long goal, I was pretty crushed. I began planning other career choices but I just couldn’t let go of what had been a decade long dream and some good old fashion pain. Then I received a personal email from the head of the selection board. He reached out to me to let me know that they saw me as a serious candidate with a great potential, but the board couldn’t look past my unsatisfactory fitness score. He said he highly recommended I reapply the following year (officer selection is only once a year) with a better PST score. That email was everything I needed. I changed my whole life. I moved back in with my parents to get away from the college scene. I got a new job with motivated coworkers who believed in hard work. I started a dedicated training program that catered specifically to the test. But most importantly, I found this podcast. Ive been listening to three or four episodes a day and I have become so fired up from Rut and Marcus that I cant even believe it! My dad bought me all the SEAL books as a kid to read but nothing compares to listening to these guys talk and share their stories! I just wanted to share this story because I wanted to let you guys know how much you are inspiring young men like myself to pursue the incredible pain and accomplishment of earning a trident! I’m getting ready to start doing PST’s again this fall, and even though Ive already given a lot for this dream (even part of my right nut!) Im ready to give even more and chase this thing to either my grave or a trident! Thanks again for the daily inspiration and perspective!

Author: Sean