David Goggins

Retired Navy SEAL and Guinness Record Holder, Goggins is considered one of the greatest endurance athletes in the country.

There is no one quite like Chief Petty Officer David Goggins.  As a Navy SEAL, Goggins was one of an elite group of men regularly sent on some of the toughest missions in the world.   Goggins’ military record is astonishing.  He is the only member in the U.S. Armed Forces to complete SEAL training (including two Hell Weeks), the U.S. Army Ranger School (where he graduated as Honor Man), and Air Force Tactical Air Controller training.  Goggins faced combat in Iraq and served as the body guard for Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari. 

Always one for a challenge, Goggins took that drive to be the best and set about conquering the toughest sporting events known to man.  He is now considered to be one of the greatest endurance athletes in the country.  In less than four years, Goggins completed more than 30 endurance races.  These sporting events include multiple ultra-marathons, triathlons, ultra-triathlons, bike races, and arduous mountain ascents, setting new course records and regularly placing in the top five.  In 2007, shortly before he was diagnosed with a hole in his heart, David completed 203.5 miles in the 48-Hour National Championship endurance foot race, beating the previous record by 20 miles and earning a spot among the top 20 ultra-marathoners of the world.  His extraordinary achievement earned him a feature story in Runner’s World, where he was named a “Running Hero.” In 2013, Goggins broke the Guinness World Record for most number of pull-ups in a 24-hour period by completing 4,030 pull-ups in 17 hours. 

Goggins’ life is a metaphor for adversity destruction.  His bold, “no excuses” approach makes him a wanted commodity on the speaking circuit. Goggins has spoken to numerous professional sports teams including the Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Blackhawks, and Atlanta Hawks, as well at college campuses and business forums.  Goggins is passionate about his focus on having a positive mindset.  His message is one of overcoming adversity and pushing yourself to the limit and beyond.  Goggins’ old school approach, honesty, personal accountability, and winning attitude are just some of the traits that make him part of Team Never Quit.

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