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Andy Allison Texas Firefighter Living a Line of Duty Death

Andy’s never quit story, On August 6, 2012, the Lewisville Fire Department responded to a structure fire in a single-family residence. Upon arrival, crews encountered …(Read More)

one day at a time

I wanted to thank you 3 from the bottom of my heart, Rut, Marcus and Wizard you guys have done so much for me in …(Read More)

By the Hydra

I’m a recent subscriber to the TNQ podcast, and I’ve been binge listening on my commute since I first heard about it. I have gone …(Read More)


Dear Marcus, Rut, and The Wizard, To begin, thank you for your service and all you do daily to bring inspiration and hope back to …(Read More)

Battling brain surgery was just the beginning

I’d like to introduce you to a special kid, Nick Price. Nick isn’t special just because he beat his rare form of cancer. He is …(Read More)

My Families Never Quit Story

Our story starts in 2001 when I married my wife, Kristy. In 2006 we had our first son, Stone. It was a struggle like most …(Read More)

Bataan Death March Marathon

Team Never Quit, Hope y’all are doing well! I just wanted start by saying thank ya’ll for your service and thank you for the Team …(Read More)

Never Quit Parents

Hey guys, I have listened to many of your shows and i often hear most people say that just getting out of bed every day …(Read More)

One Day At a Time

My Never Quit story started about six years ago when I started working at a university bar in Tucson, Arizona. I was first introduced to …(Read More)

For the 1 person that may need to hear this

I came across your Podcast because I was looking for something to listen to which was a direct reflection of what I live my life …(Read More)

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