My Story – Enduring The Darkside of Law Enforcement

My brothers!!! I can honestly say, your podcast is one of only a couple that I look forward to listening to EVERYTIME it comes out. …(Read More)

Finding Solace in a Blown Out Knee

Rut, Marcus, and Wizard, Growing up I was a schmuck. I didn’t play sports. I didn’t fit in well. I didn’t get along with others. …(Read More)

Dont give up on your dreams

Rut, Marcus, and Wizard, first I’d like to thank you guys for your service. I come from a military family and we are grateful for …(Read More)

Just Keep Running

Hey y’all! I have been listening to the Podcast since July, I was driving from La Porte, TX to Cypress, TX for a new job …(Read More)

It’s Happening Now

Hey guys. Listening to Nick #3’s episode as I type this, it’s true that a lot of us end up in creative endeavors. I was …(Read More)

Forging mental toughness from failure

This story is about my willingness to never give up on my dream. I was in college from 2009-2014. My dream was to be a …(Read More)

My Personal Struggle With Breast Cancer

My Story started in December of 2016. A routine mammogram found a spot so small they didn’t know what it was. After a needle biopsy, …(Read More)

Just Happy I Get To Be Livin The Dream.

Hey guys, Thank you for your service, and all that you continue to do to help the people that need it. I have to say …(Read More)

Keep On Keepin’ On

On Saturday night, I competed in one of the world’s hardest 12 hour survival races, the Reebok Spartan Race Hurricane Heat 12 Hour. The event …(Read More)

Just keep on rolling

I started listening to your podcast just a few days ago, but just tonight I listened to your one for Tim Ballard. This podcast is …(Read More)

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