Like Father Like Son

This story isn’t really much about me, but my dad. His name is Kevin and he’s 63 years old. Born in Maryland and raised by …(Read More)

Struggling With Mental Illness

First of all I would like to thank you for your service and sacrifice for our country. I recently started listening to this podcast after …(Read More)

Motorcycle Accident

I have a never quit experience to talk about. June 16, 2001 I was in the US Navy. I was an AO for the F/A …(Read More)

Never had a bad day in my life.

I come from a small town in Indiana. I grew up playing basketball and became a high school all american and received a full scholarship …(Read More)

Just a Ordinary PT

My name is Matt McCreary and I am a physical therapist. First off, let me say Thanks, Thank you for your service and sacrifice. My …(Read More)


The night was as black as coal, other than a dim trucks head lights there was nothing- nothing for our nods to operate off of. …(Read More)

Life or Limb

Marcus and Dave, I posted yesterday about this story and I thought ESPN also did a nice job at telling another aspect of it. Like …(Read More)

Hockey Tough

I have been listening to TNQ Podcast for over a year now, and I am a large supporter of the SEAL Teams and Community. I …(Read More)

Overcoming Rare Cancer

First let me thank both of you for what you do, I have never missed a podcast. In 2001 I was 31 years old and …(Read More)

The Story of Libby Jones – Leukemia

Thank you for all you guys put out there with this podcast and its guests. It somedays provides inspiration, somedays motivation, somedays ideas and other …(Read More)

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