A Well-Behaved Woman Rarely Makes History

My name is Tyrell, and I met Heidi at a Veteran’s Day BBQ in 2017. I was a Combat Medic in the Army with the …(Read More)

The End Is The Beginning

“When did you stop drinking?” It’s always an interesting feeling when someone asks me that question, and it always gets me to pause. “Hmmm, honestly, …(Read More)

Embracing Challenges

This never quit story is about my one of my best friends, Eric McElvenny. Eric is an endurance athlete living in Pittsburgh, PA. He earned …(Read More)

We shall not flag or fail

As my favorite author, Ernest Hemingway once said, “Write hard and clear about what hurts.” So, that is what I am going to do for …(Read More)

Inspired by Positivity

Fuck yeah Team Never Quit! I want to thank you guys for introducing positivity for veterans and all people seeking inspiration to rise above the …(Read More)

Heart Transplant. Firefighter. Ironman

Now I have always struggled in sharing my story not because of embarrassment or fear, mostly out of humility. I have never seen my accomplishments …(Read More)

A season for Danny Dietz

Marcus, Rut & Wizard: Thanks for doing what you do – service to your country and the awesome Team Never Quit podcast. My whole family …(Read More)

Dead 13 Times

Cam Tribolet was on his way home from a night of drinking in his hometown of Ft. Wayne, Indiana when he was shot multiple times …(Read More)

That’s a Terrible Idea, What Time Does It Start

Gentleman, My NeverQuit story is not my own. In my group/tribe of UltraRunners, there’s no shortage of stories of people hitting major adversity and pushing …(Read More)


I haven’t shared this story publicly. This is the one and only time I will tell it. It will likely cause some backlash, but that …(Read More)

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