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Fighter from Birth

My husband and I listen to your podcast, and never did I think that I would have a story like this to share. I would …(Read More)

Dad’s Last Words

My dad passed away 6 years ago today. 2 days before he died (when this picture was taken) I was with him in the hospital …(Read More)

One minute at a time

Dear TNQ, Back on April 27th 2010 at 6:27 AM I was on my way to work when a man changing his tire on his …(Read More)

Superman lives

On 04/27/2018 my dad Joe Harper was out for a late night drive when things went in turn for the worst. His front driver side …(Read More)

Murph Challenge 2018…Yes it was…

Gentlemen, First off, thank you for your service, dedication, commitment, and sacrifice to preserving the freedoms that make this country the greatest country the world …(Read More)


My story starts in my childhood, but that remains private. On 12/20/1996 I got the call that my Son had committed suicide. 8 days later …(Read More)

130 feet and a Gold Medal

It was my senior year in high school and football season is starting. Leading up to the season I attended all the offseason workouts and …(Read More)

13.5 years in the making

My wife, Sharon, and I had 10 years of unexplained infertility. We had been waiting 3½ years when we finally got the call from the …(Read More)

A Struggling Man who NEVER QUIT

This is not my story but the story of a man who embodies the Team Never Quit Mindset. I was told of the story the …(Read More)

Black Sunday FDNY

Team Never Quit, I am writing on behalf of my father, Jeff Cool Sr., who inspires my every single day to never quit. My dad …(Read More)

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